Who We Are & What We Do


Mission Statement: The Graduate History Association at UMass Amherst is dedicated to promoting education, facilitating academic progress and offering professional support to the graduate students of the History Department, in addition to fostering a sense of community within the department. Interested graduate students are encouraged to join in meetings, events, and activities!

General GHA meetings are generally held on a monthly basis (or more often, depending on necessity). Attendance is encouraged and appreciated!

-The UMass Graduate Student History Conference-

Each year, the GHA holds the UMass Graduate History Conference, open to graduate students from across the nation and from a variety of disciplines. This is a great opportunity for grads to present their work to a broader audience. Be on the look out for news and notifications regarding this event!

-Book and Bake Sales-

The GHA’s primary fundraiser each year is the Fall/Spring Book and Bake Sale. Students and professors contribute books (old or new, on any and every topic) to sell to the campus community. “Foodies” in the department, or those at least willing to buy pastries or cookies, contribute baked goods as another way to raise funds. Feed your body, feed your mind!

Book donations are accepted throughout the year. Contact one of our officers to arrange to have them picked up. These sales are held in the Lobby of Herter Hall. All proceeds benefit the Graduate Student History Conference.

The History Department & Public History

The UMass Amherst History Department offers strong programs for graduate students, great faculty, and supportive community of colleagues, all “dedicated to the idea that an understanding of the past is essential to a free and enlightened citizenry.”

If you are a prospective student or generally interested in department projects, events, faculty and students, click here for our department’s page. Check out our nationally acclaimed Public History program here, or on Facebook and see what events and projects students are putting together.

Also, for information on our Grad Program, please go here, or follow along on Facebook.


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