2017 Conference Program

13th Annual University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate History Conference

Mobility and Marginalization: Historical and Contemporary Concepts of Movement

March 25, 2017

Amherst, Massachusetts


8:00am-8:30am Breakfast and Registration: Isenberg School of Management Atrium

8:30am-8:45am Conference Opening Remarks: Dr. Brian Ogilvie, UMass History Department Chair

8:45am-9:30am Keynote Address: Dr. Franklin Odo: Amherst College John J. McCloy ’16 Professor of American Institutions and International Diplomacy    Introduction: Dr. Brian Ogilvie: UMass History Department Chair


9:45am-11:00am Herter 601  The Relations and Representations of Race, Labor, and Class


Aimee Loiselle, University of Connecticut: “Experiments in Citizenship, Migration, and Labor Recruitment: Puerto Rican Needleworkers and a Deep History of Neoliberalism”

Courtney Misich, Miami University: “‘Oceans Rise and Empires Fall’: Social Mobility of the Lower Classes in Eighteenth-Century British Empire’”

Selena Moon, UMass Amherst: “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist: Japanese-Black Relations During the American Occupation”


Commentator: Dr. Garrett Washington: UMass Amherst, Assistant Professor of History

Introductions: Austin Clark: UMass Amherst, Masters Candidate


9:45am-11:00am Herter 301 Resistance and (Re)Imagination: Responding to Marginalization in the United States


Evan Howard Ashford, UMass Amherst: “A Shot for Freedom: Armed Resistance and the Quest for Physical and Mental Liberation”

Kevin Greene, UMass Amherst: “Disenfranchisement: The Poetry of Chartists and American Mass Incarceration”

Sam Teets, New York University: “Contact Improvisation: (Re)Imagining Blackness in the United States”


Commentator: Dr. John Higginson: UMass Amherst, Professor of History

Introductions: Heather Brinn: UMass Amherst, PhD Candidate


11:15am-12:30pm – Herter 601 Religion, Scientific Racism, and the Southern University:

Movements to Defend Slavery in the American South


Julia Carroll, UMass Amherst: “Mobility’s Reliance on Immobility in the Pre-Revolutionary American South”

Mike Jirik, UMass Amherst: “The Proslavery Education Movement in the Antebellum South”

Chuck Weisenberger, UMass Amherst: “William Hodgson: Scientific Racism and Proslavery Ideology”


Commentator: Dr. Barbara Krauthamer: UMass Amherst, Associate Professor of History; Associate Dean for Student Inclusion and Engagement, UMass Graduate School

Introductions: Justin Burch: UMass Amherst, PhD Candidate


11:15am-12:30pm Herter 301 Sights, Sounds, and Skateboards


Kristina Borrman, University of California at Los Angeles: “Moving into Aliso Village: Photographs of Racially Integrated Housing in Los Angeles”

Adam Hebert, University of Pittsburgh: “Waxing Eternal: Skateboard Cinematography and the Love Park Problem”

Mathew Swiatlowski, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: “Listening Through History: Sound, Circulation, and Citizenship in the Prewar Recordings of Karola Stocha”


Commentator: Dr. Sam Redman: UMass Amherst, Assistant Professor of History

Introductions: Jason Higgins: UMass Amherst, PhD Candidate


12:45pm-2:15pm Lunch, Isenberg School of Management Atrium


2:30pm-4:00pm Herter 601 Movement, Migration, and Nation-Building


Jorge Minella, UMass Amherst: “The Migrants’ Maze: Workers, Technocrats, Industrialists, and Landowners in the Northeast and the Making of Modern Brazil (1930-1960)”

Christian Ruth, University at Albany: “‘Without Regard to Politics’: Famine and Cold War Foreign Policy”

Jorge Vasquez, UMass Amherst: “‘Return of the State’ and Social Movements in Ecuador”


Commentator: Dr. Kevin Young: UMass Amherst, Assistant Professor of History

Introductions: Yuri Gama: UMass Amherst, PhD Candidate


2:30pm-4:00pm Herter 301 The (Non)Normativity of Gender Mobility


Hayley Margules, Boston College: “Class, Pregnancy, and Community Exclusion in the Salem Witch Trials”

Shay Olmstead, UMass Amherst: “’Sabrina,’ Surveillance, and Sex: Normative Gender and Mobility at Same-Sex Massachusetts Colleges, 1916-1927”

Kathryn Vaggalis, University of Kansas: “Queer Brides and the Sanctity of Citizenship: The Influence of White Heteronormativity in Early-Twentieth-Century Immigration Discourse”

Brianna Zimmerman, UMass Amherst: “Mary Putnam Jacobi: Negotiating Private and Public Spheres as a Female Physician”


Commentator: Dr. Laura Lovett: UMass Amherst, Associate Professor of History

Introductions: Alex Asal: UMass Amherst, Masters Candidate


4:15pm-4:30pm Paper Prize Presentations, Herter 601

4:30pm-5:30pm Closing Reception, Herter 601



The Graduate History Association wishes to thank those who assisted in making this conference a success.

For their generous financial contributions, we would like to thank:

The History Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Graduate Student Senate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst


We also would like to thank all of the faculty and graduate students who made introductions, moderated discussions, and chaired panels:

Dr. Garrett Washington, Dr. John Higginson, Dr. Barbara Krauthamer, Dr. Sam Redman,

Dr. Kevin Young, Dr. Laura Lovett,

Austin Clark, Heather Brinn, Justin Burch, Jason Higgins, Yuri Gama, Alex Asal


We are also grateful to the staff in the History Department who offered their time and assistance to help make this conference possible:

Suzanne Bell, Amy Fleig, Adam Howes, and Mary Lashway


To our 2016 Conference Theme Committee:

Alex Asal, Austin Clark, Katherine Fecteau, Selena Moon, Camesha Scruggs, and Chloe Spinks


To our 2016 Paper Selection Committee:

Alex Asal, Nolan Cool, Jason Higgins, Chloe Spinks, and Jack Werner


And of course, thank you to our presenters, whose excellent work is the substance of this conference:

  1. Howard Ashford, Kristina Borrman, Julia Carroll, Kevin Greene, Adam Herbert, Mike Jirik, Aimee Loiselle, Hayley Margules, Jorge Minella, Courtney Misich, Selena Moon, Shay Olmstead, Christian Ruth, Mathew Swiatlowski, Sam Teets, Kathryn Vaggalis, Jorge Vasquez, Chuck Weisenberger, and Brianna Zimmerman


Our very best,

Katherine Fecteau, Gregg Mitchell, Camesha Scruggs, and Chloe Spinks

GHA Officers