Introducing Your New Officers! (pt II)

As the semester winds to a close, it’s time to learn a bit more about our new officers! We’re pleased to introduce…

Jill Dwiggins – Co-Chair – Jill is studying American literary history and public history in the M.A. program.  In the coming academic year she will complete a thesis on American Transcendentalism.

Sam Dodge – Co-Chair – Sam is an MA student here at UMass Amherst focusing on Early US religious and Political history. He received his BA degree from Brigham Young University, and loves to travel and learn of other peoples and cultures.

Jaimie Squardo Kicklighter – Secretary – Jaimie is an M.A. student also pursuing a Public History certificate with an emphasis on Archives. Her academic interests are modern German history and film. She presently plans on completing a third field in the Early Modern Atlantic World.

Karen Sause – Treasurer – Karen will be entering her 2nd year of the UMass Amherst Ph.D. program. She specializes in  Native American history and is also exploring studies in Atlantic World and Colonial American history.

Jess, Erik, Ben and I have been honored to serve our graduate community in this time and are pleased to do so the remainder of this month. We are certain this will be a strong and amazing group to carry on the GHA torch. Thank you everyone for an amazing year!

~Stephania, Secretary

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