Election Season

It’s that time of year again! That time when we will need to choose new GHA officers and a new representative to the Graduate Student Senate.

If you would like to serve as either co-chair (two positions), secretary, treasurer, or senator, please submit your name by Monday, April 16. Here you’ll find a brief summary of the positions and their responsibilities. If you need a reminder of GHA’s overall mission statement and responsibilities, please see our Who & What page.

There are two co-chairs who share in various responsibilities. They are most often the liaisons between GHA and the department, organizational heads and faces of the GHA. If you have ideas for activities, fundraisers, or even workshops, and the drive to push them through, be a co-chair!

The GHA secretary is in charge of meeting records and most communication, including updating the blog and Facebook page with relevant (or just interesting and fun) information. Bonus points if you’re willing and able to take pictures of events!

As treasurer, your primary focus will be on maintaining organized budget records (basic arithmetic!) and making sure applications for future funding are completed delivered in a timely manner. Don’t worry, you’ll have a step-by-step guide on how to do it. : )

Also, we need someone to serve as our department’s Graduate Student Senate Representative . This job consists of attending about one meeting per month and keeping us abreast of issues related to the GSS. The most important function of the GSS rep is to shepherd our conference funding request through the approval process. If necessary, we will find a shepherd’s staff.

It’s been wonderful being your GHA officers, but it’s time to pass the torch! Who’s ready?

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