And across the line!

The 8th Annual Graduate History Conference was a great success! Networks, Connections, and Exchange: Historical Perspectives, drew in an estimated 50 people from over 11 colleges and universities!

Photos have been shared on our Facebook page! If you have more photos of the event that you would like to share, please do so! Reach us by email or post them to Facebook.

Thank to all our panelists, Liana DeMarco, Sandra Perot, John Morton, Brian Alberts, Mary Stephan, Bette Elsden, Peter Borg, Ian Johnson, Laura Brade, Daniel Chard, Roneeva Keel, Kristina Wilcox Knight, Melanie Kourbage, Hunter Price, Jay Learned, Elwing Gonzalez, Kathleen Hulton, and John Roberts. Thank you for sharing your work with us! Especially those who had to travel a ways to do so.

Thank you to Professors Joyce Bowman, Kevin Sweeney, Aaron Windel, Rachel Martin, Audrey Aldstadt, David Glassberg, Rob Cox, and Joyce Berkman for volunteering your time and effort into reading and commenting on these papers and chairing the panels! We’re very lucky to have faculty so dedicated to their graduate students.

Thank you to Charles C. Mann for accepting the invitation to be our keynote speaker and giving a fascinating talk on the need for greater cross-disciplinary collaboration!

And a giant thank you to all the graduate student volunteers who devoted precious time rolling up their sleeves and helping this conference run as smoothly as it did! Special thanks to Michella Marino for handling food for the GHA conference for years now! And also to Jill Dwiggins for heading the Papers Committee and working with GHA officers regarding papers in all the time leading up to the conference.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! The conference may be over, but keep on the look out for further updates, future gatherings, fundraisers and events here on the GHA blog.

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